What offers Decoletaje 9002?

Costume manufacturing

We manufacture all kind of special customized parts based on drawing. We manufacture customized parts for automotive, rail, marine, hydraulic, dental implants, machinery manufacturers, etc.

All kinds of materials

We machine all types of materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, engineering plastics, titanium and other materials.

Finishing services

We take care of finishing service to deliver fully finished piece: heat and surface treatment, etc.

Short and long series

Our flexibility allow us to produce short, medium and long, series with diameters from 2-200 mm. We offer our customers products suit to their needs.

Agile response

We dispose of own transport for deliveries and a large stock of finished parts. This allows us to respond to our customers quickly.

Standard Parts

  • Iron Bolts for metal doors
  • U-bolts
  • Door Accessories
    • Crossbow
      • Crossbow bolt door
      • Marle door crossbow
      • Pins
      • Hinge 3 bodies
    • Rocker
      • Steel pulley for cable 1 channel
      • Steel pulley for cable 2 channel
      • Hinge plate bracket square with platen
      • Lateral guide roller pin
    • Slide
      • Nylon roller
      • Wheel angular channel
      • U channel steel pulley (rod 20)
      • Limit stop
Piezas acero al carbono

Piezas de acero al carbono

Piezas acero inoxidable

Piezas acero inoxidable

Piezas de titanio y materiales especiales

Piezas de centro de mecanizado

Piezas de centro de mecanizado
Piezas de aluminio

Piezas de aluminio

Piezas de latón

Piezas de latón

Piezas de plástico técnico

Piezas con recubrimiento